Our web-based program transforms the rehab experience for patients, caregivers, and speech language pathologists.

For speech therapy patients our program enhances the quality of care by:

  • Increasing effectiveness of speech therapy through an easy to use personalized online speech therapy program that they can use at anytime and anywhere.  The program is updated regularly and the questions are randomized;
  • Empowering patients to take control of their speech therapy by providing them with resources to answer questions regarding their diagnosis, communication, swallowing safety, orientation, attention and memory strategies, and a personalized treatment program;
  • Strengthening relationships with patients and their families by providing families with a method to assist in the patients’ treatment between speech therapy sessions;
  • Encouraging patients and their caregivers by providing an easily understood and meaningful way to monitor patients’ progress;
  • Sustaining patients by providing an affordable way to continue speech therapy after they run out of insurance benefits; and
  • Comforting patients and their families by providing a forum for them to communicate with others in similar situations.

For speech language pathologists our program equips speech language pathologists to face the challenges of today’s medical environment by:

  • Improving patient care through an interactive speech therapy program personalized for each patient.  This personalized program will guide their patients through their speech therapy program and provide them with a post speech therapy maintenance program.  The treatment material is randomized and is updated regularly;
  • Strengthening their relationships with patients and patients’ families by providing them with a method to: better understand the patients’ diagnosis; and assist in the patient’s treatment between speech therapy sessions;
  • Improving their ability to monitor patients’ progress through online individual patient records;
  • Increasing referrals by helping to create and maintain relationships with their patients and patients’ families;
  • Enhancing their image by providing cutting edge speech therapy to their patients;
  • Decreasing their preparation time and documentation time through information and treatment materials on speech diagnoses such as aphasia, head injury, dysphagia, dysarthria, and apraxia.  With this information speech language pathologists are better equipped to help their patients understand the nature of their condition and the improvements they can expect from speech therapy;
  • Sustaining patients’ progress by providing a cost effective post speech therapy program that allows the speech language pathologist to monitor the patients’ progress and request additional physician orders when appropriate;
  • Increasing their efficiency by providing informal evaluations, educational materials, and treatment materials;
  • Improving communication with patients and the patients’ caregivers through the program’s secure message center;
  • Enabling them to better communicate with their colleagues at other facilities and share practical and treatment information;
  • Comforting their patients and their patients’ families with a forum to communicate with others in similar situations; and
  • Encouraging their patients by providing patients with a meaningful assessment of their progress towards achieving their goals.

For health care facilities we provide a turn key, ready to use telemedicine program that:

  • Enhances patient care;
  • Reduces its cost of delivering quality speech therapy services by helping speech language pathologists to be more effective in delivering speech therapy;
  • Expands its revenue opportunities through a cost effective post speech therapy program that allows its speech language pathologists to monitor their patients’ progress and requesting additional physician orders when appropriate;
  • Increases referrals by helping to create and maintain relationships with its patients and their families;
  • Enhances its image through cutting edge speech therapy and a customized web-based program.  Patients and patient caregivers see the facilities site, not ours;
  • Provides flexible pricing to meet its capital or operational budget requirements;
  • Expands the market area for its speech therapy services;
  • Provides a management system that allows it to manage caseloads of its speech language pathologists; and
  • Hassle free implementation.  We provide our clients with a turn key program, including speech language pathologist training so that its speech language pathologists can immediately use a personalized web-based program for their patients.